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The Last Kind Words
Tom Piccirilli
Coraline - Neil Gaiman I have to read more Gaiman, really enjoyed Coraline.

The Jones family move into a new flat which has been converted from a larger house. Finding herself bored Coraline explores the surrounding grounds, chatting with the somewhat eccentric neighbours, and on a rainy day investigating the interior of the house. Coraline's search leads her to a locked door in the drawing room which she later opens only to find it has been bricked up.

When Coraline returns later she finds the brick wall is gone and a passage leads her to an identical flat to her own only this one is resident to her Other Mother and Other Father who have black buttons instead of eyes.

Initially this other flat seems more fun, better food, toys and more attentive parents. But when Coraline rejects the chance to stay permanently all is not what it seems...

Coraline is a dark fairy story and highly recommended for young and old.