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The Last Kind Words
Tom Piccirilli
Dark Blood - Stuart MacBride Serial rapist Richard Knox has been released from prison in Newcastle and decides to relocate to Aberdeen where his grandparents lived. DS Logan McRae isn't thrilled to be part of the team helping him settle into life in Aberdeen.

Also on the caseload are a flood of counterfeit currency in Aberdeen, the murder of a confidential informant, and a couple of jewelry store robberies, among other side issues.

So just the usual stuff for McRae to sort out.

Fast paced and full of the usual dark humour Stuart MacBride brings to this series, usually from the chainsmoking DI Steel who's anxiously awaiting for her wife to give birth.

Just like Aberdeen the book is bleak, interesting using Trump's golf course to give Edinburgh gangster Malk the Knife a bacground prescence in the book.

The previous book (Blind Eye) had McRae heading towards being another alcoholic cop, good to see this wasn't fully realised in this book and drinking was a minor side issue rather than full blown change of character.