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The Last Kind Words
Tom Piccirilli
The Five - Robert R. McCammon The Five are a struggling rock band trying to make a name for themselves while on tour, they are about to become known worldwide just not in the way they could possibly imagine...

Whilst doing promotion for a club gig, The Five's new video is shown, set during the Iraq War.

Former sniper Jeremy Pett, medically discharged and his only purpose is visiting a wounded colleague on a weekly basis until he sees the video by The Five and takes it as a personal insult to himself and the country. He has a new purpose to kill The Five.

This puts The Five in the news in a big way and with the FBI involved in tracking down the sniper, whilst the band struggle to stay as together as they can whilst honouring bandmates and trying to write a song together on the road.

Really well written, the characters in the band are well written as is the grind of touring small clubs whilst being confined to a small van.

The second book i've read by McCammon after Swan Song and certainly not the last.