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The Last Kind Words
Tom Piccirilli
Duma Key - Stephen King When Edgar Freemantle loses an arm in an industrial accident and his marriage breaks down he decides to move to Duma Key in Florida to convalesce. He makes some new friends (the only neighbour Elizabeth Eastlake and her carer/lawyer Wireman), slowly heals (physically and mentally) and starts painting, with some startling results.

His imaginative works soon attract the interest of his friends, family and the local art gallery. But the paintings have a terrible power, and although Edgar learns how to harness that for his own means, he cannot contain the secrets of Duma's past forever. With Wireman's help, Edgar pieces together a timeline of the island's history from his paintings and Elizabeth's increasingly incoherent mutterings, and realises what must be done to protect those he loves as evil spirits threaten to reawaken.

Theres a slow pace to Duma Key but it suits the book, it is a bit too lenghty especially towards the end but it's an enjoyable story.