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The Last Kind Words
Tom Piccirilli
Roadwork - Stephen King, Richard Bachman Due to a road extension Barton George Dawes has to find new premises for the laundry he works at and also a new home for him and his wife Mary.

But these things represent Bart Dawes life, the laundry he's worked at for 20 years, the marriage for same time period and the son who died of a brain tumour 3 years previously.

Having never allowed himself to grieve properly, his mind proves unable to bear the disruptions caused by a new local road construction project. It's just too much for him, and he can't do it. He lets the deal fall through on the new laundry site, which costs him his job, and he doesn't even go looking for a new house. Haunted by dreams of his dead son, he's already a broken man - even before he loses his wife and basically his whole life.

Finally Dawes accpets the only fate he can have...

Due to this being one of the Bachman Books it has a different feel from a normal Stephen King book but worth reading to see one man's emotional disintegration.