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The Last Kind Words
Tom Piccirilli
River of Gods - Ian McDonald A challenging but enjoyable book set in India 2047 where the main soap opera features a.i. cast members.

Each chapter is dedicated to one of the ten main characters in the book, from gangsters to government advisors to"Krisna Cops" hunting rouge a.i's, with the multiple plot lines interwoven between them all, this is the only reason it's a four and not five star review, i feel too many different characters makes it a bit confusing as to each identity, there is also characters called "nutes" (gender neutral people created through painstaking microsurgery)referred in the 3rd person as yt instead of it and can make passages maddeningly incomprehensible at times.

But it is a great book, the plot is complex enough, with a wonderful balance between daily routines to forces fighting weather wars, company power battles, etc.

The central issues and dilemmas the characters face are real although not the easiest book i've read, the characters, setting and ideas presented make this an impressive read.