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The Last Kind Words: A Novel
Tom Piccirilli
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The Devil in the White City: Murder, Magic, and Madness at the Fair that Changed America
Tony Goldwyn, Erik Larson
The Last Kind Words
Tom Piccirilli
The Running Man - Stephen King, Richard Bachman Set in the year 2025 with a ruined economy with mass unemployment, one of the few ways to make some money is through shows hosted on The Games Network.

To raise money for his sick daughter and stop his wife prostituting herself, Ben Richards decides to try out, he's selected for The Running Man, the Networks most successful show.

Declared an enemy of the state he has 12 hours head start before Dog The Bounty Hunter the Hunters come after him. Richards earns $100 per hour that he stays alive and avoids capture, an additional $100 for each law enforcement officer or Hunter he kills, and one billion "New Dollars" if he survives for 30 days. Viewers can also recieve cash bonuses for information leading to his apprehension.

Probably the 3rd or 4th time i've read this and it's a great read, whilst mass pollution exists outside, cancer rates skyrocketing but the public is distracted from this. Bradley Throckmorton who helps Richards says the Games Network exists only as a propaganda machine to pacify and distract the public.

As the Hunters and police close in Richards takes desperate measures to avoid capture and this leads onto events Richards couldn't have imagined after selection.