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The Last Kind Words
Tom Piccirilli
The Dead Zone - Stephen King John Smith is just an ordinary fellow; he's got a job he enjoys, he's fallen in love with a good woman, and he's as happy as he's ever been.

Towards the end of a date Johnny stops at a wheel of fortune and finds himself able to predict the sequence to follow, which upsets Sarah and leads to a taxi home and the accident, Johnny wakes up to learn that his world will never be the same. He's been in a coma for well over four years, and he faces a painful road to recovery both mentally and physically. His girl has married someone else and his mother has gone off the deep end of religious zeal.

Johnny has changed too. Now when he touches somebody he can tell them things, that their kitchen is on fire or that their long lost mother is alive and well.

When Johnny shakes Greg Stillson's hand at a political rally, he has a vision of Greg becoming the President and sparking World War III. Everyone else loves Greg -- Johnny is the only man who can stop him...

One of my favourite Stephen King books and really enjoyed reading again, still a great story and Johnny Smith is a great character in how he handles his ability.