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The Last Kind Words
Tom Piccirilli
High-Rise - J.G. Ballard J.G. Ballard presents Lord of the flies High-Rise.

A forty storey tower block, is the focus of Ballard's most acclaimed book. Within the block there is everything the residents could need, on the 10th floor is a supermarket, hairdresser's, bank, primary school and large swimming pool, there is a smaller pool, gym, squash courts and restaurant on the 35th. Elevators speed the residents to their floors, extra express elevators to the upper floors.

Working classe families tend to be upto the 10th floor, the middle classes from the 11th to about the 35th and the upper classes with their spolit pets above that, bands demarcated by the swimming pools.

The claustrophobic and lack of community within the high-rise soon escalates violence throughout the building as elevators either cut-out or are kept by certain sections of the high-rise, air-conditioning and general electricity cuts out, ramping up the violence and general disorder.

But towards the end it starts feeling very over-the-top but the ending more than makes up for this, i felt a very very clever ending.